Thursday, March 10, 2011

Congratulations to our Students!

Congratulations to our D-BAR-W Equestrian Students, on their wins a the High School Rodeo at the PA Farm Show.
Nathaniel Shoemaker, won break away roping in the Jr. Division, both rounds, Mandy Shertzer won break away roping in the first round.
Emily and Tyler Weber won Team Roping in the second round

Emily, Mandy and Tyler
 Tyler Weber got first place in both rounds and Emily Weber won barrel racing both rounds, the last round she smokedem' with a 14.9!
Emily Weber on Zans Lucky Vandal, running a 14,9 at the PA Farmshow
Tyler winning calf roping 1. round
                           This is Emily's smokin' barrel run 14,9 seconds
                                       Tyler's winning calf roping run, 2. round
                                   Tyler and Emily's team roping run, it was not the nicest, but it was good enough to take 1. place

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